Taylor Swift - The Story Of Us
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“I think for me, one of my favorite things about making music is hearing about what you think of it. and hearing about which songs are the ones that you want to hear and which ones are the ones you want to be singles and which ones have the lyrics that you want to write down. I love hearing from you guys so I’ve kind of reserved this spot in the set where I just play something different every night, whatever you want me to play and I was looking on twitter earlier and somebody wanted to hear this. I think she’s going through a situation, like a break up situation because this is a song that I wrote, it’s more of a story of what happened”

Taylor Swift Remembers


Tell Me Why

I remember what you said last night

The Other Side Of The Door

I remember the slammin’ door

Two Is Better Than One

I remember every look upon your face


I remember that fight 2:30 A.M.

If This Were A Movie

I remember how it was back then

Safe and Sound

I remember tears streaming down your face

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

I remember when we broke up the first time


I remember your bare feet down the hallway

This girl has got a good memory.

Taylor Swift - Tell Me Why
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"It’s a song about how relationships can really get complicated when one person kind of has the upper hand and it’s like this constant feeling like “why? Tell me why you’re acting like this”. This song from an album that I released when I was 18, it’s of an album called Fearless."


Top 10 Selling Country Digital Songs of All Time*

1. Florida Georgia Line, “Cruise” - 6.33 million
2. Lady Antebellum, “Need You Now” - 6.27 million
3. Taylor Swift, “Love Story” - 5.66 million
4. The Band Perry, “If I Die Young” - 4.74 million
5. Taylor Swift, “You Belong With Me” - 4.41…

Red piano versions complete


Taylor Swift singing at Bluebird for the first time - Songs About You

I want the full video!!!

Taylor Swift - All Too Well (Rehearsal)
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All Too Well Live (with audience noise only in the beginning and in the end) - my new favorite version!

Download here (right click and “save as”).


Guys, here’s the seven-time Grammy winner, Taylor Swift.


Guys, here’s the seven-time Grammy winner, Taylor Swift.

Speak Now - hidden messages.


favorite lyrics from favorite taylor swift songs

Taylor Swift - Treacherous
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anothercountrysong  requested this! It’s from the 4th night, and the vocals are amazing. Unfortunately there aren’t any HQ audio recordings, but this one is nice.